Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Wanlip turbine completion

An exciting new landmark at the northern outskirts of Leicester has just been completed – Severn Trent's wind turbine at Wanlip

According to an article published in the Leicester Mercury on 2nd December, some people haven't yet got over their 'fear of the new'. Perhaps they have never seen one of these majestic turbines in action? Based on the experience in other parts of Leicestershire, e.g. Swinford, one assumes that local residents will quickly get used to this new addition to the landscape and begin to appreciate it as a marvel of engineering that produces essentially carbon free electricity.

See further images of the completed turbine below, taken on 3rd December.
All photographs and captions kindly provided by Graham Stocks.
 Image above taken from a layby on the A6 at a distance of 570 metres.
Image above (zoomed) from another layby at a distance of 420 metres

 Both images above taken from the north west of the site at a distance of 1.72km.
The location is a plant nursery and adjacent road just to the north of Mountsorrel.

Images above taken from Castle Hill in Mountsorrel - a distance of 3.3 km.
The image at the top was taken at a standard focal length.

Images above taken from Dutchman's Wall (Rothley) near to the junction with Hallfields Lane. The distance from Dutchman's Wall to the turbine is approximately 1.2 km. The top image was taken at a standard focal length. The zoomed image at the bottom gives a clue as to where the turbine is. With summer foliage on the trees it would be very difficult to see the turbine. 

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