Sunday, 23 June 2013

Windfarm plan in Bristol Channel 'Catastrophic'

Catastrophic? Really? Who says? I note it is a Mr Steve Crowther from the Slay The Array campaign. Mmmm. Not so sure about that. I'm afraid the fact that the Atlantic Array will be visible from the shore isn't a valid argument against it. Bring it on! (subject to satisfactory Environmental Statement).

Lemming population explosion

This is a guest post from a ProWA sympathiser.

The nonsense filling the newspapers concerning wind powered generators these days is becoming more and more alarming.  The Government's recent decision to let people 'have more of a say' about this matter just breathes more life to uninformed opinions and the hysteria this generates.  This form of extremism is simply putting paraffin into the fire-buckets.  Here's a sample from today's trawl:

Returning from Melton on Friday evening I was struck by the rays of the setting sun across the landscape, seen from Paudy Lane, near Six Hills:


Of dear! What's that spoiling the view?  It's Ratcliffe Power Station - pity you can't actually see carbon dioxide as clouds of gas otherwise there might be an uproar!  Panning the camera a little to the right and we can see this:

A beautiful landscape and skyscape too - but wait a minute, what's that in the lower right-hand corner?

OMG! It's a wind turbine and it's utterly ruining the view and my enjoyment of the landscape.

When is normality ever going to return to this country?

Friday, 21 June 2013

Pro Wind Alliance celebrates 5-year anniversary

Triggered by news about a proposed windfarm between the villages of Swinford and Walcote, the Pro Wind Alliance was 'born' in spring 2008. Five years later, almost exactly to the day, the Swinford Windfarm Community Fund was launched, an interesting and happy occasion where a good time was had by all, as reported in the Leicester Mercury. See also letter to our so-called Environment Secretary and Mercury letter below.