Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lemming population explosion

This is a guest post from a ProWA sympathiser.

The nonsense filling the newspapers concerning wind powered generators these days is becoming more and more alarming.  The Government's recent decision to let people 'have more of a say' about this matter just breathes more life to uninformed opinions and the hysteria this generates.  This form of extremism is simply putting paraffin into the fire-buckets.  Here's a sample from today's trawl:

Returning from Melton on Friday evening I was struck by the rays of the setting sun across the landscape, seen from Paudy Lane, near Six Hills:


Of dear! What's that spoiling the view?  It's Ratcliffe Power Station - pity you can't actually see carbon dioxide as clouds of gas otherwise there might be an uproar!  Panning the camera a little to the right and we can see this:

A beautiful landscape and skyscape too - but wait a minute, what's that in the lower right-hand corner?

OMG! It's a wind turbine and it's utterly ruining the view and my enjoyment of the landscape.

When is normality ever going to return to this country?

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